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Visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland | Nordic Cruises | Your Northern Tour Operator

Visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

25 Aug
Santa Claus Village, Finnish Lapland

Santa Claus Village, Finnish Lapland

Visit Rovaniemi, Finland: The Perfect Destination for Your Next Trip

Do you yearn for the smell of the sweet treats during the holiday season?

Or, do you anxiously await the pitter patter of reindeer on your roof? The chuckle of the hefty man with a white beard, dressed in red from head to toe, heard as he slides down your chimney?

As the capital of Lapland and the official hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is the gateway to the Arctic. Amidst the city’s urban oasis, fairy tales, wild activities, culture, and the Arctic wilderness all join hands – creating the perfect destination for your next vacation.

Finnish Lapland

Rovaniemi serves as the gateway to Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region which borders Russia, Sweden, Norway, and the Baltic Sea. Of course, it is only fitting that the area’s designated animal is the reindeer.

Featuring a view of the cast sub arctic wilderness and the awe inspiring natural phenomena which include the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, Lapland is a fairy tale destination for those who dream of a winter wonderland.

While the views are breathtaking, the year-round activities, modern services, and world-renowned residents make a trip to Lapland, and more specifically to Rovaniemi, a magical and mythical experience.

Don’t miss Dasher, Dancer, or any of Santa’s other eight reindeer amongst the 190,000 reindeer that call Lapland home. You might even catch some of them snacking on the magic mushrooms and special reindeer lichen, discovered by the elves, in preparation for their flight this coming holiday season!

Santa Claus Village

What would a trip to Rovaniemi be without a chance to meet the big guy in the red suit? If you still have a few more requests to put in before Santa Claus starts making his rounds, visit Santa Claus Village.

Holidays in LaplandOpen daily, Santa Claus is at Santa Claus Village every day of the year to ensure he upholds his mission. The jolly ole’ fellow works hard to enhance the kindness of the adults and the well-being of the children while continuing to share the message of goodwill and love of Christmas Spirit around the globe.

Once you’ve had the chance to meet the man in the red suit, walk through Santa’s very own Home Cavern – located just underneath the Arctic Circle – as the elves guide you through a spectacular day.

Northern Lights

Don’t let the larger-than-life reindeer, tiny elves, and all the toys fool you. Rovaniemi has something for everyone, even the nature enthusiasts. The magic of the Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi is as magical as meeting Santa Claus himself.

Visible on around 150 nights a year, falling during the months of August through April, this astral show will put the icing on the cake for this all-around magical destination.

Whether you have a few Christmas wishes to place or you are trying to convince Santa Claus to put you on the nice list this year, Rovaniemi, Finland is sure to be a hit with the whole family – from Santa Claus Village to the Northern Lights.