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When Your Visa Free St. Petersburg Cruise Docks | Nordic Cruises | Your Northern Tour Operator

When Your Visa Free St. Petersburg Cruise Docks

27 May

Introducing the Famous Bridges of St. Petersburg

With 342 bridges in the grand city of St. Petersburg, it is almost impossible to move through the streets without crossing a bridge. When your visa free St. Petersburg Cruise docks, pay attention to which side of the Neva River you step down upon! According to a set schedule, thirteen of the more sizable bridges are raised nightly for a few hours to let large boats pass; there is no way for cars or pedestrians to travel across the water. Be sure to check the timetable!

Open Timetable

Drawbridge Openings Schedule, St. Petersburg

During navigation period from April till the middle November thirteen bridges that cross the Neva river are opened for a few hours to let large ships pass. Please follow the schedule below to get successfully to your hotel.
Palace Bridge1:10 am-2:50 am
3:10 am-4:55 am
Trinity Bridge1:20 am-4:50 am
Blagoveshchensky Bridge1:25 am-2:45 am
3:10 am-5:00 am
Grenadersky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
Kantemirovsky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
Smpsonievsky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
Liteiny Bridge1:40 am-4:45 am
Tuchkov Bridge 2:00 am-2:55 am
3:35 am-4:55 am
Volodarsky Bridge 2:00 am-3:45 am
4:15 am-5:45 am
Exchange Bridge2:00 am-4:45 am
Bolsheokhotinsky Bridge 2:00 am-5:00 am
Alexander Nevsky Bridge2:20 am-5:10 am
Finlyandsky Bridge2:20 am-5:30 am

The bridges of St. Petersburg range from picturesque and modest to beautiful and majestic feats of engineering. Look at some superb examples:

On the Neva River

The Palace Bridge is one of the most famous bridges to vault over the Neva River. Dazzling pictures of this bridge grace the albums of every tourist who comes on our visa free St. Petersburg Cruise. The lion sculptures, elaborate railings, and pavilions are an iconic part of the cityscape. Set between Winter Palace and the historic landmarks of Vasilevsky Island, the height of the Palace Bridge was designed to ensure a clear view of the surrounding monuments. Over 30,000 cars traverse this bridge daily, and it is the site of massive traffic jams.

Opened in 1903, the Art Nouveau style Trinity Bridge is elegant and opulent. It features curving cast-iron beams, sculptural streetlamps, and granite obelisks that support two-headed imperial eagles. The name of this bridge pays homage to the Trinity Cathedral, which once stood on the Petrograd side of the river.

The Palace Bridge, visa free St. Petersburg cruise

The Palace Bridge, St. Petersburg

On the Fontanka River

Built on Nevsky Prospekt, the Anichkov Bridge is best known for the bronze-cast Horse Tamers sculptures that crown all four corners of the structure. A close gaze at the railings will reveal fantastical decorations, such as seahorses and mermaids.

The Horse Tamers, St. Petersburg

The Horse Tamers, St. Petersburg

As you tour Nevsky Prospekt as a part of your visa free St. Petersburg cruise itinerary, it is worthwhile to detour about 300 meters south to view the Lomonosov Bridge, named after the accomplished Russian scholar. This bridge no longer opens for passing sea vessels, yet the delightful Doric pavilions that used to contain the drawbridge controls remain, creating its unique and distinctive silhouette.

On the Winter Canal

The Hermitage Bridge arches over water as the oldest and smallest stone bridge in St. Petersburg – in lovely contrast with the awesome architecture of the bridges already mentioned. Built originally as a wooden drawbridge, this charming structure was rebuilt in 1760 from limestone and brick with a granite façade. As a hallmark in the Hermitage and Winter Palace district, the quaint Hermitage Bridge is a popular focus in countless postcards of St. Petersburg. Take a moment during your visa free St. Petersburg cruise to appreciate the classic view of the Hermitage Bridge from nearby Millionnaya Street.