Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland

13 Aug
Uspenski Cathedral, Visit Helsinki with Baltic Cruises

Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland

Uspenski Cathedral stands proudly upon a hillside on the Katajanokka peninsula, overlooking Helsinki. Aleksei Gornostajev designed the building based on the plan of a 16th century Russian church. The grand structure was completed in 1868. In tribute to the building’s rich history, a plaque hangs on the back of the cathedral to commemorate Russian Emperor Alexander II, who was sovereign of the Grand Duchy of Finland during the construction. The cathedral underwent significant renovations in 1996-1998 and is currently the seat of the Archdiocese of Helsinki in the Finnish Orthodox Church.

As a magnificent display of the Romanesque Revival style, the Uspenski Cathedral attracts about 500,000 people yearly from around the globe. It is the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe, commanding attention with its brick-red exterior, gold and green onion domes, and massive granite pillars. The 13 domes represent Christ and the twelve apostles. Within the striking interior, visitors are awed by various icons and decorations, such as the glimmering chandeliers suspended from the ceiling vaults.

Entrance to Uspenski Cathedral is free of charge. It is open every day of the week – excluding Mondays during the winter. However, because it is closed during ceremonies, our company is advised to confirm the hours in advance. Accessibility via wheelchair is limited, except in the summer when a temporary ramp is erected.

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