Trips to Finnish Lapland

11 Jan

Trips to Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland


It may be a little off the beaten track, but this is part of the charm of taking trips to Lapland. There is so much that is magical about this far north corner of the world.  There is so much to do in Lapland that you will truly be spoilt for choice. And you’ll want to come back!
Just some of the delights waiting for you in Finland’s far north include.

Northern Lights Safari in Lapland

See nature’s impressive light show! The view of the aurora borealis in Finnish Lapland is better than anywhere else in the world. And even if Mother Nature chooses not to perform, you will thrill at being in the pristine snowy wilderness under a starry sky.

Glass Igloos

Spoil yourself and spend a night literally under the stars in the Kakslauttannen Glass Igloo Village in the Arctic Circle. See the Northern Lights if you are really lucky, from the comfort of your cosy and warm bed.

Kick Sledging

Get active with this traditional Finnish activity. It is fun for all age groups and fitness is not a prerequisite! Glide and slide down snowy hilltops to hot refreshments awaiting you in a Lappish Kota.

Husky Safari

Animal lovers and thrill seekers – this one’s for you. Meet a team of excited and friendly husky dogs who are raring to go and whisk you through snowy wilderness landscapes. This is a delight for all the family.

Sami Culture and Lappish Tradition

The Sami are the local indigenous people of Lapland. Explore their traditions and culture in Inari, as well as in museums in Rovaniemi. You may also visit reindeer farm to learn of local traditions and enjoy Lappish hospitality.

Sami in Finnish Lapland

Sami People in Finnish Lapland

Santa Claus Village

No trips to Lapland are complete unless you visit the enchanting and magical Santa Claus Village just outside Rovaniemi, Lapland’s capital. Meet Santa, see the grotto, and watch the elves working in the toy factory. You can also post mail from the North Pole, cross the Arctic Circle and be awarded a certificate for doing so, and shop for souvenirs.

Midnight Sun Tours

The delights of Lapland are not limited to the northern winter. Visit in summer for spectacular wilderness, riverboat cruises, Midnight Sun safaris, husky hiking, and much more.

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