Arctic Icebreaker Sampo in Kemi, Finnish Lapland

10 Jun

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If you are heading to Finnish Lapland, we applaud you for planning a vacation that’s outside the box. While in Kemi, Finland you’ll discover there are plenty of things to see and do, but one thing you must do is cruise on the famous Arctic Icebreaker Sampo. In fact, it’s what anyone who wants to travel to Finnish Lapland does.

The Arctic Icebreaker Sampo in Finnish Lapland

Travel to Kemi, Finnish Lapland

The Famous Arctic Icebreaker Sampo in Kemi

The Arctic icebreaker Sampo is a majestic vessel that will take you on a cruise like no other. Get ready for the thundering sound that over 3 500 tons of steel makes as it crushes the thick ice like a twig. You’ll be awestruck, even if you are an experienced seafarer.

Sampo has been in operation since the early sixties, plowing open the Finland’s frozen seas for trade vessels for more than 25 years. In 1987, Sampo became a tourist attraction in Kemi the northern port town. Quickly Sampo became popular for tourists and locals alike. After all, not too many normal folk get the opportunity to board an icebreaker and see it working. The impact between the thick ice and this massive steel beast will leave you feeling like your participating in extreme sports; only you don’t have to do anything except be impressed. Then again, how brave will you be when you visit Kemi?

Icebreaker Sampo in the Bothnia Sea

Ice Swimming!

Ice Swimming in the Frozen North?

On a scale of one to ten, where do you rate yourself in the courage department? Will you be brave enough to leave Sampo and swim in the frozen sea? Yes, you read that right. Why not let your enthusiasm makeup for any lack of courage because while the initial shock might take a little courage, this too shall pass, and you’ll be in for an experience like no other!

Don’t worry, we promise the captain isn’t going to toss you off the boat, in fact, participation is optional, but with a little faith, and a survival suit, you’ll be ready to float among the frozen blocks of ice, all under the supervision of expert guides.

Icebreaker Sampo in Kemi, Finland

Icebreaker Sampo in Kemi, Finland

As frightened as you might be, you have to admit that the sight of a large group of red suits floating around must be a pretty frightening sight too. Once you are in the water, it’s an incredible feeling. Float around and frolic in the Bothnian Sea. It’s a great story to share at home that few will be able to top. In fact, you deserve bragging rights to the best vacation experience ever–Lapland travel! What are you waiting for?

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