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January – December 2023



To Visit Tallinn by One Day Baltic Cruise from Helsinki

Baltic Cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn

   Sightseeing walking tour of Old Town Tallinn with personal guide

Baltic cruise from Tallinn to Helsinki

Tour of Old Town Tallinn

After a pleasant journey on our Baltic cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn, we will dock at the pier. A professional, local guide will be waiting to greet you. Your introduction to the rich history and delightful atmosphere of Tallinn will begin immediately with a walking tour. As you tread the cobblestones of the two-tiered Old Town, you will hear intriguing tales of the colorful characters, charming heritage and historic monuments of this walled city.
Our tour will wind through the alleyways of red-roofed buildings on the way to the Town Hall Square. It is also the oldest surviving town hall in northern Europe.  Freedom Square, with its War of Independence Victory Column, is another nationalistic historic destination, along with the Parliament Building. Nature lovers will appreciate the beauty of the lovely Danish King’s Garden. Also they will like the many romantic courtyards of the scenic city.
No visit to Tallinn is complete without a tour of the onion-domed Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The church is adorned with awesome frescoes and sculptural icons.

Visit Tallinn

Your visit Tallinn will be filled with the enchanting sights and stories of this medieval, picturesque city. This city is also a contemporary cultural hub of Northern Europe. Also you’ll see similarities and differences between Helsinki and Tallinn.

Cruise to Tallinn

Also, on our route is the St Nicholas Church. This old medieval church dedicated to the patron of fishermen and sailors and now an art museum. The Dome Church is particularly captivating, as it houses gravestones dating back to the 13th century, in addition to coat of arms epitaphs and the tombs of many famous personalities.
These are just a few examples of the alluring attractions. You will view a participant on our one-day Baltic Cruise to Tallinn.

    What is included:

    • Baltic cruise in Silija Liner Helsinki-Tallinn (2 hours)
    • Baltic cruise in Silija Liner Tallinn-Helsinki (2 hours)
    • Walking guided city tour with your personal guide (3 hours)
    • Premium customer support (e-mail support, on-line chat, call back)
    • Fuel and harbor fee

    What is not included:

    • Any transportation to or from Helsinki
    • Travel insurance

    Please note:

    • All times are local
    • Check your Nordic Cruises voucher for exact departure and arrival times
    • All guests must be on board at least 1/2 hour before sailing

MS Silja Symphony or MS Silja Serenade

Cruises from Helsinki to Tallinn
MS Silja Symphony and MS Silja Serenade are luxury cruise liners which run on a popular route connecting Helsinki, Stockholm to Tallinn. With a capacity of 2852 seats, those spacious and deluxe ferries boat

MS Serenade, Restaurant

MS Symphony and MS Serenade Commodore Cabin
995 cabins and rooms for up to 395 cars on the car deck.
No matter the chosen destination, all of the MS Symphony and MS Serenade cruises offer a grand and pleasurable way to travel.

MS Symphony, Cabin

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