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Kemi (Finland)


Winter 2023 – 2024



Snowmobiling, Trips to Lapland

To the Arctic Islands on Snowmobile Rides

  •  English speaking guide
  • Safari outfit
  • Snowmobile, Finland and Sweden
  • Local lunch
Aurora Borealis' Glory, Lapland

Aurora Borealis’ Glory in Lapland

Winter Tours in Finnish Lapland

Winter Tours in Finnish Lapland

Travel to the end of the world through a snowy paradise in the land of the Sami, the only indigenous people remaining in the European Union. One of the best Lapland tours available, you can fulfill your wintry fantasies by making your own way to the Arctic Islands through powdery snow with skis and on snowmobile rides. Cap off you day by gazing in wonder from the best view in the house for nature’s big show: the Northern Lights.

Lapland tours offer a fantastic opportunity to interact with local culture. You will eat in a wonderfully crafted Sami hut made of local sourced wood in the traditional style. Enjoy the opportunity to marvel at Sami culture and architecture, which has been uniquely preserved by its remote location in some of the most northerly inhabited land in the world.

Lapland, the land of Santa Claus and winter wonderlands, encompasses the most northern reaches of both Sweden and Finland.

You will begin your tour in the snowscapes of the Finnish town of Kemi, home to the first and biggest ice castle in the world. Here, you will embark on your adventure from the gateway to the Arctic islands.

As this landscape is so untouched and unexplored, it has long evoked a sense of adventure. Ski shoes are usually the way to get around, but for even more adventure we will equip you with skis. You will glide through the wintry woods, past frozen lakes and birch forests, with possible sightings of wild reindeer, arctic fox and wolverines.

While here, you will tuck into a lunch of warm Finnish sausages, a national delicacy said to be best eaten around a warm campfire. Finns are fiercely proud of their culinary heritage and the home-style food that brings them back to their roots.

The highlight of one of our favorite Lapland tours is the night-time entertainment provided by one of nature’s most spectacular phenomenons: the Northern lights. Get ready to stare in wonder at the green and pinks hues, which are most vivid among the stars at the magnetic poles. Away from the polluting lights of cities and industry, the Aurora Borealis are at their brightest and most defined.

Snowmobiles are often the only way to get around in this wild landscape: soak up the wonderful white scenery as you are taken on these vehicles and driven back to where you started after a full day exploring this beautiful part of the world.

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