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Rovaniemi (Finland)


Winter 2023 – 2024

Experience the Beauty of Lapland, and Enjoy an Authentic Dining Experience

Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, is a mystical wonderland with memorable activities to be enjoyed year-round. Visitors will experience Lapland’s rich history, bustling towns, serene wilderness, and, of course, delicious cuisine. Whether you hit the slopes at one of Finland’s seventy-five ski resorts, embark on one of the many Lapland tours, or snuggle up with your loved one under the breathtaking Northern Lights, you’ll be enveloped in the magic of the region and have an unforgettable, once-in-a lifetime vacation.

Lapland’s Unique Culture

Despite its many things to see and do, what makes Lapland so unique and enticing is its culture. The Sami, who reside in Lapland, are an indigenous group of approximately 6,000 people who have their own language. They have thrived, even in the harsh climate, for millennia, by fishing, reindeer herding, and iron work. Visitors are encouraged to get a true sense of life in Lapland by immersing themselves in this culture. The best way to do this is by enjoying a Lapland tour.

The Lapland Experience

Over the course of the three-hour Lapland tour, coaches will transport you from Rovaniemi, located in the Arctic circle, for a traditional Lappish meal. This will take place in a kota, a Finnish wooden hut similar to a teepee, which contains a fire for grilling and frying.

The people of Lapland believe less is more when it comes to ingredients – everything is clean, pure, and authentic. Lapland prides itself on tradition and is “fiercely loyal to its culinary roots.” Also, it boasts the most vibrant food scene in Europe.

You’ll receive a taste of what Lapland has to offer while you sit by a crackling fire as the cook prepares the meal, and as the sweet aroma of pancakes wafts through the air. Soon, you’ll sit down at a long table to enjoy the dishes set before you. For the main course, you’ll be presented with warm and cold smoked salmon, before enjoying the mild flavor and flaky, melt in your mouth texture. This is accompanied by a Karelian Hot Pot, or meat stew. Originating in Finland, the dish is made of succulent chunks of tender, high-quality pork and beef, though lamb can be used, fresh onions, spices, and a rich broth, served with tender potatoes. Dessert follows with a stack of fluffy, golden-brown pancakes that are soft and buttery.

Once you have eaten the delicious meal and the Lapland tour concludes, the coach will whisk you back to Rovaniemi so you can continue to explore Finland.

With so much to offer, including clean lakes, saunas, and hiking, Lapland is the ideal place to relax, witness nature’s miracles, and enjoy fine cuisine. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind place to travel to, Finland has twenty-four-hour sun in the summer, incomparable autumns, and is the home to The Real Santa Claus. Book your flight today and see what you can discover.

Sami in Finnish Lapland

Sami People in Finnish Lapland

Sami Culture

Sami House

Northern Lights Holiday

Northern Lights Holiday

What is included:

  • English speaking guide
  • Transfer Rovaniemi-wildness kota-Rovaniemi by coach
  • Kota dinner by firelight

What is not included:

  • Any flight to or from Rovaniemi
  • Travel insurance
Northern Lights Holiday

Kota Restaurant

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