Holidays to Lapland and Husky Safari

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Rovaniemi (Finland)


Winter 2023 – 2024

Holidays to Lapland: Husky Safari

Lapland in Northern Scandinavia is an awesome place – in the true sense of the word: the winter landscapes inspire awe and wonder. It’s an ideal place for a winter holiday – guaranteed glistening snowy landscapes, mountains, forests, winter sports and the Northern Lights. Travelers considering holidays to Lapland should make sure they include a Husky Safari in their itinerary. It’s the best way to see the landscape. Traveling by Husky-pulled sled, you can see even the most remote wilderness and travel to amazing places which would be inaccessible by car or by foot.

Husky sledding is a very traditional way to travel in Lapland. In fact, the Chukchi tribe has been using this mode of transport for over 3000 years. It’s easy to see why – the dogs will whisk you along the frozen expanse at terrific speed and in comfort. You’ll feel a part of nature and you’ll bond with the dogs as you travel.

What does a Husky Safari involve?

A Husky Safari is usually a half-day activity (although longer tours can be arranged). You will be picked up from your hotel and driven by car to the husky farm. Here you’ll have a chance to meet your dog sled team and you’ll be given some instruction on how to ride and drive the sleds.

Once you’re comfortable with the reins, the safari will begin. With your team, you’ll be led across unimaginably beautiful landscapes, through snowy forests and over frozen lakes. You’ll stop occasionally to give your huskies a rest and to take some photographs while the drivers swap and offer drinks and snacks.

Is it an ethical way to travel?

You’ll see for yourself how well the huskies are looked after. They enjoy the exercise and love to be out in the wild. Reputable Husky Safari companies will also play a part in conservation – helping to preserve the landscape’s natural beauty. It’s a green way to travel and it is supporting the local farming community.

Another reason that holidays to Lapland are so popular is that the Northern Light happen fairly reliably from late September to early April.

Huskies are friends and helpers

Huskies are friends and helpers

Husky Sledge

Husky Sledge

What is included:

  • English speaking guide
  • Safari outfit
  • Husky ride
  • Hot beverages

What is not included:

  • Any flight to or from Kemi
  • Travel insurance
Husky Farm

Husky Farm

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