Visit Finnish Lapland

Visit Finnish Lapland with Nordic Cruises

There’s something magical about the far, far north. Visit Finnish Lapland, where the days stretch into one another at midsummer and where the nights do the same in the winter. It is a region of the country that covers almost all of the northern half of Finland’s landmass. This north region is known for its unspoiled natural beauty and its rich and unique culture.

Finnish Lapland – particularly the northern portion of the region – is the home of the Sami people. This ethnic and cultural group continues to play an important role in the diverse society of modern Finland. It is also a great place to spot the aurora borealis, or northern light.

Few phenomena capture the captivatingly eerie beauty of the far north like the northern lights, and witnessing this shimmering array of phosphorescent waves as they flit across the night sky is a once in a lifetime occurrence for many people.

The regional capital of Finnish Lapland is Rovaniemi. It is a small, picturesque city with an impressively long history. With Rovaniemi you will find yourself within touching distance of all that the stunning province of Finnish Lapland has to offer. Enjoy and experience this incredible part of the world for yourself!

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