Visit Finland

Visit Finland with Nordic Cruises

Finland is breathtaking country. It abounds in mountains, seas and forests. The Finns love the wilderness, and you’ll soon see why. Nearly 70 percent of the country is made up of forests. Therefore, you’ll find numerous opportunities to ski, trek, and mountain bike here. You’ll see bustling cities and get a cosmopolitan vibe as you head towards the south. Helsinki is the capital, and it’s bursting with quirky bars, modern architecture, and cutting-edge restaurants.

There are many out of the ordinary things to do in this country. Take a trek across the snowy mountains in a snowmobile or book a dog sledging experience to enjoy the majestic white landscape.

You can check out the Siida Museum in Inari to discover more about the Sami people and their culture. You’ll see the unspoilt beauty of the forest, and you’ll learn to appreciate both nature and wildlife.

Then you visit Finland, don’t forget to go to a sauna. It’s a part of their culture. There are millions of saunas in the nation, and they are a wonderful place to relax, warm-up, and feel deeply cleansed. Visit Finland with our Baltic Cruises and Lapland’s tours and see the magic unfold before your eyes. We’re confident you’ll want to stay back just a bit longer.

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