Visit Estonia

Visit Estonia by Baltic Cruises

Visit Estonia, a beautiful country in Northeastern Europe. Its natural scenery is one of the things that makes it a perennial favorite destination for travelers. When you visit Estonia, you can see castles dating back to Medieval times. The country abounds with opportunities for sightseeing and learning about the diverse history of the country.

Tallinn is one of the best preserved Medieval cities in all of Europe. No trip would be complete without a stop in this vibrant port city on the Baltic Sea. This old trading city on the shore of the Gulf of Finland was founded by the Danes in 1219.

Tallinn’s medieval charm and magical picturesque winding narrow streets attract every visitor. Therefore, the historic center of Tallinn has been inscribed on the UNESCO.

Tallinn is a small romantic city. You can visit Rocca-al-Mare Open Air Museum and join the bustle in Town Hall square or St. Olav’s spire. Its modern incarnation features a diverse mix of old and new. Nightclubs and fashion retailers share the city with artisanal shops and museums. So, enjoy this unique blend of history while still looking towards the future.

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