Lapland Tours in Ranua Wildlife Park

23 Oct

Lapland Tours: The Beauty of Ranua Wildlife Park

Lapland toursThere is nothing more spectacular than the beauty of the Arctic and northern animals found at the Ranua Wildlife Park. The park is located in the subarctic region in the Lapland region of Finland where each distinct season brings new sights and experiences. Booking Lapland tours for your visit to the park ensures that you will experience the awe-inspiring beauty that the season has to offer.

Ranua Wildlife Park is home to about fifty species of Arctic animals and wildlife, many of which are in their natural setting. The beauty of the setting and the chance to get close to many animals that are not normally this friendly makes the park one of the most popular destinations in Finland. This is the only place in Finland where you can see polar bears kept in artificial snow and where you can help feed them breakfast!

Among the 200 individual animals in the park, you may see some popular predators, along with other wild animals including:
Lynx, Brown Bears, Moose, Arctic Foxes, Muskox, Deer, Snow Owls, Wolves.
Ranua offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view these animals in an environment that is as close to their natural habitat as possible. It should come as no surprise that Lapland tours to the park are a popular choice for visitors who want the realistic experience of walking among arctic animals they will not likely see anywhere else during their lifetime.Lapland tours

The park is also host to a variety of winter activities including cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, and snowmobiling. Go on a reindeer safari or go husky sledding. From the time you enter the front gates into the snowy forest, you will feel the enchantment. If your visit takes place between September and March, you may even have the added joy of seeing the northern lights.

Ranua Wildlife Park is a fun destination where entire families can enjoy quality time and make lasting memories they will remember for a lifetime. Lapland tours will help you plan to see the best attractions at the park at the time of your trip. The park is open every day of the year with seasonal attractions that include visits with Santa Clause at the end of the year.

Make your plans early and ensure you reserve the activities that you want to include. Prepare for the excitement of a wild night safari or the midnight sun safari to see the animals that only come out in the dark. Whatever activities you include in your tour, it’s going to be one that is beyond compare!