Holidays to Lapland

11 Jan

Nordic Cruises Lapland Holidays

Lapland Holidays: enjoy and have fun!

It might seem a little off the beaten track, but holidays to Lapland are becoming ever more popular with travelers from all over the world. Lapland, in the far north of Scandinavia, is a wonderland and it is a place to visit and marvel at during any season, at any time of the year.
At Nordic Cruises, we deliver the very best of vacationing in Finnish Lapland, and whether you choose to go in summer or winter, spring or fall, there are attractions and seasonal qualities of the region which will delight even the most experienced world traveler.

What are some of Lapland’s highlights?

The Midnight Sun

During the summer months in the Arctic, the sun does not set for long – and around the summer solstice, it doesn’t set at all. This is a marvelous natural phenomenon and a popular attraction for visitors to Lapland in the northern summer.

The Northern Lights

Otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis, occur in the northern Polar Regions in the winter months. They are the natural result of atmospheric disturbances caused in the high atmosphere by solar winds, and the resultant light show is spectacular. They can’t be precisely predicted, but any Northern Lights tour or safari offers a great chance to see them for yourself.

Glass Igloos at Kakslauttanen

Sleep under the stars and the Northern Lights in a cosy glass igloo in the Lapland wilderness. Alternatively, sleep in a traditional snow and ice igloo!

Husky Safari

Speed through snowy landscapes behind your own team of friendly and fast huskies! These traditional northern working dogs are born to run and this is an exhilarating experience for all ages.

Cultural Immersion in Inari

The native, indigenous people of Finland are the Sami. Their home is Inari, the largest and most sparsely populated region in Finland, and for a cultural experience one should visit the village of Inari, including the Siida Museum to experience authentic Sami culture.

The Santa Claus Village at Rovaniemi

No matter your age, chances are you have at some point dreamed of Santa’s home at the North Pole. Well now you can visit in for yourself – enter a magical winter wonderland with elves, reindeer, and Santa Claus himself. You can even post a letter from the North Pole post office.

There really is no place in the world quite like Lapland, so give us a call at Nordic Cruises and let us partner with you in planning the very best holidays to Lapland that you could ever imagine!

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