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Eliseyev Emporium in St. Petersburg, Russia

19 Feb



Eliseyev Emporium on Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg

Eliseyev Emporium on Nevsky Prospect, Visti St. Petersburg

 Enjoy Eliseyev Emporium during your visit to St. Petersburg

Eliseyev Store or Yeliseevsky Gastronom is the most famous and oldest Russian food hall in St. Petersburg.  It is located in the heart of St. Petersburg along Nevsky Prospect in the beautiful  Art Nouveau building of the early 20th century.

The building is designed by Russian architect Gabriel Baranovsky in 1903 for Eliseeff Brothers merchants. The sculptures of Commerce, Industry, Science and Art are adorned this gorgeous building. It has three floors decorated with detailed glass and bronze artwork.

Eliseyev Food Hall, St. Petersburg

A large variety of cakes.

The first floor has the grocery store and coffee shop. Beyond Russian delicacies such as caviar you will find dark chocolate from Italy, French champagne, rare jams, Turkish delight and extensive wine list. The coffee shop is likely the most popular spot serving a variety of blends from around the world. The quality of coffee brewed is high as are the slices of cake on offer.

Eliseyev,St. Petersburg

The fabulous cakes.

The second floor is home to the Comedy Theater. On the third floor is Mezzanine restaurant, saving an a la carte menu. It is a small restaurant with a limited number of tables and antique furniture. Sklad # 5 ( warehouse) restaurant in the basement serves a variety of fabulous of Russian and European cuisine.

During your visit to St. Petersburg do not miss this Russian gem with great food!

St. Petersburg, Eliseev Store

The delicious desserts.