A Day Cruise to Tallinn

17 Dec

A Day in Estonia While on a Cruise to Tallinn

If you’re on a cruise to Tallinn and only have a day to spare in this charming city, you can still make the most of your time by carefully planning for your one-day itinerary.

With Tallinn being both the cultural and financial hub of the country, there’s no lack of things to do in this excellent part of the country.

Cruise to Tallinn

Places to visit

Even when you’re short on time during your cruise to Tallinn, be sure to visit the Old Town:

  • Viru Gate and Town Hall Square: Start your tour of the Old Town at the Viru Gate, then work toward the center of Old Town all the way to the Town Hall Square (part of Lower Town). Go into the Town Hall and be treated to a museum extensively detailing the history of this fascinating city. Take pictures of the large vane set at the tower of the Tallinn Town Hall, too. Or climb the tower for a scenic view of the city.
  • Freedom Square: Still a part of Old Town (Upper Town), this historic place is right next to St. John’s Church and the city’s famous underground shopping center. Freedom Square is also called Victory Square, and it is where the Independence War Victory Column is located.
  • Toompea Hill: Perched at the top of Upper Town is Toompea Hill. This limestone hill is already covered with buildings, but once you reach it, you’ll find a good view of Lower Town from this vantage point. It also features Toompea Castle, which is a medieval fortress and has several churches, such as the Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
  • St. Catherine’s Passage:  After Toompea Hill, you can head back toward the Old Town center all the way to St. Catherine’s Passage. Here, you’ll find a number of guild shops selling artisanal goods and handmade products such as clothes, baskets, and purses. You can also take a breather and enjoy a snack in one of the cafes in this historic neighborhood.
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The Old Town, Tallinn

After the Old Town, you can move on to the Kadriorg Palace and the park around it, which was commissioned by the Russian Czar, Peter the Great. The Kadriorg district is actually considered the most beautiful part of the city. Here, you can also visit the Kadriorg Art Museum, which features foreign art from the past.

You can then head on to Kalamaja, which is known as Estonia’s hipster haven, and the hub of Tallinn nightlife. With the large student population in the area, it’s no wonder people consider it to be the hippest part of the city. Here, you’ll also find the trendiest bars and best restaurants in the city.

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