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We Welcome You Back!

14 Apr

We are glad to welcome you back to the Nordic Cruises!

We are proud to introduce a collection of new Baltic voyages for for our loyal and new guests.

Also additional voyages are coming soon.

Check out our available cruises and book your cruise today.

Before you go, you should check your local entry rules, because your health and safety is always our priority number one.






COVID-19 Northern Europe Update

20 Mar

Covid 19

Our world has changed, and I know that you are focused on your families, relatives and friends. We deeply appreciate your loyalty and the trust you place in us as a travel partner. We consider our main duty to inform you regarding the current situation in Northern Europe concerning the COVID-19

Finland, Denmark, Norway, Baltic States and Russia borders are closed till the end of April.

Supporting Your Plans

In order for you to feel comfortable when booking with us we want to give you flexibility given the current situation. Because of that we are waiving any fees for rebooking of Baltic cruises  so that you can rebook your travel to later departures, if your circumstances change.

This applies to all tours booked so far in 2020 and is valid for new bookings up to March 31st. If you change to a higher fare type or select a higher season, you will need to pay the fare difference. The rebooking is possible until 31 December 2022.

We hope this helps you to plan and book any future travel with confidence.

Don’t cancel: Why you should postpone your trip

Postponing your trip might be the kindest thing you can do right now. Please don’t cancel. If you postpone instead, you support the people that rely on tourism for their livelihoods. Not just your booking agents, but the locals who take you on life-enriching experiences of their country and show you places you wouldn’t find on your own.
We know you were looking forward to your amazing trip. You spent months reading up on the destinations and scoured Instagram and Pinterest for days. You were ready to go. And then Covid-19 happened. We understand and share your disappointment, and we promise we’re here for you now, and when this passes.
If you postpone, we’ll convert your booking to credit for a future trip. Consider it a way to lock in your upcoming trip while supporting the people waiting for you on the other side of this situation.

Rebook Your Travel Here:

Drawbridge Opening Schedule, St. Petersburg 2019

29 Dec
The Palace Bridge, St. Petersburg
The Palace Bridge, St. Petersburg

Drawbridge Openings Schedule, St. Petersburg

During navigation period from April till the middle November thirteen bridges that cross the Neva river are opened for a few hours to let large ships pass. Please follow the schedule below to get successfully to your hotel.
Palace Bridge1:10 am-2:50 am
3:10 am-4:55 am
Trinity Bridge1:20 am-4:50 am
Blagoveshchensky Bridge1:25 am-2:45 am
3:10 am-5:00 am
Grenadersky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
Kantemirovsky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
Smpsonievsky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
Liteiny Bridge1:40 am-4:45 am
Tuchkov Bridge 2:00 am-2:55 am
3:35 am-4:55 am
Volodarsky Bridge 2:00 am-3:45 am
4:15 am-5:45 am
Exchange Bridge2:00 am-4:45 am
Bolsheokhotinsky Bridge 2:00 am-5:00 am
Alexander Nevsky Bridge2:20 am-5:10 am
Finlyandsky Bridge2:20 am-5:30 am

Places to See During Your Visa Free St Petersburg Cruise

21 May

Places to visit in St. Petersburg

Combination of solemn architectural forms, regularly planned avenues and squares, picturesque park and gardens, fantastic sculptural composition, rivers and canals framed by granite embarkments and patterned railling of bridges create unique poetical image of St. Petersburg.

The whole architectonic environment of the city was created in two centuries. Front facades of St. Petersburg are reflected in water of the main thorough-are of the city, Neva River. Austere bastions of Peter and Paul Fortress remind of boisterous and sometimes hard history of the city. The golden spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral that tends to reach sky combined with lengthly line of fortress rampart wall make a laconically stem architectonic silhouette of river facade of the city.

The spirit of Vasilyevsky Island like a huge ship is cutting mighty waters of the Neva River. This grandiose ensemble being a combination of architecture, water and wide open space creates great impression on visitors. The whole scope of the classical Stock exchange House, the Rostrum Columns, the the resilient tape of the embarkment from an integral architectural ensemble of the Northern Capital.

Walking alone Nevsky Prospect surrounded with architectural and cultural monuments of different epochs and styles will be a fascinating and unforgettable experience for you. Classical pavilion of Admiralty, crowned by the golden spire opens the perspective of the main city street. You can enter one of the most beautiful squares of Alexander Column dominates in its center. The column is crowned by the statute of angel who blesses St. Petersburg.

Luxurious baroque facades of The Winter Palace, the solemn rhythm of colonnades of the Ministries buildings, broken by Triumph Arch form one of the most brilliant architectonic ensembles of the world.

A visit to the Cloister of Alexander Nevsky will bring you back to origins of Russian history. This ensemble combines the traditions peculiar to Russian monasteries with the architectural features of the beginning of the 18th century. Imposing Cathedral of Saint Trinity is a monument of the national warrior St. Alexander Nevsky.

Near the steep turn of the river the marvellous well proportioned silhouette of Resurrection Smolny Cathedral of Smolny Monastery seems to be coming up to reach the sky. This masterpiece of the wolds’ architecture is build in Elizabeth’s style.

The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg

The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

Winter in St. Petersburg

Winter in St. Petersburg

Visa Free St Petersburg Cruise

Rostral Column in Vasilievsky Island.


Visit Scandinavia and Nordic Countries

06 May

Visit Scandinavia and Nordic Countries with Us

f you dream to visit Scandinavia or Nordic Countries, chances are you’ll come up with some of the following images: Northern Lights, Santa Claus, Vikings, cold Baltic and Barents seas, fjords, and King Crabs. However, there is so much more to these northern countries than these stereotypes! Read on to find out what sets the Nordic countries apart from one another, so you can better know what to expect if you visit. By the way, “Scandinavia” typically refers to just Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, while “the Nordic countries” includes Iceland and Finland as well.

1. Cuisine

A stereotypical Nordic meal will probably include some sort of smoked or cured fish, brown bread, cheese, and jam. Although all of the Nordic countries do include such items, there’s incredible diversity. For example, a traditional Icelandic dish is hákarl, which is shark meat that has been fermented and cured for four months. Rumor has it that because the ammonia content is so high, most people gag when they first attempt a bite! On the other hand, traditional Norwegian cuisine relies heavily on game meat and lamb. Swedish cuisine blends Scandinavian and Germanic traditions, featuring sausages, meatballs, cabbage, and lots of fish.

2. Pastimes

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Danish concept of hygge, which is most closely translated to ‘coziness.’ Hygge is a defining characteristic of Danish culture; snowy evenings spent curled up by the fire with a mug of tea, long days spent cooking and chatting with close friends, and board game nights are popular ways to spend leisure time in Denmark. Saunas are a large part of Finnish home life, with an average of one sauna per household in Finland. These hot chambers play an integral role in a Finn’s life, as they are used for relaxation, keeping clean, and socializing with friends and family. Be warned, though, that in most Finnish saunas it is required to be in the nude! If you’re uncomfortable going al fresco, perhaps you’d be better off taking a dip in one of Iceland’s many hot springs.

3. Music

The Nordic countries have a surprisingly diverse music scene. Although Sweden is perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of pop supergroup Abba, several modern acts have emerged–First Aid Kit, The Tallest Man on Earth, Robyn, and the late Avicii all hail from Sweden. Norway boasts a thriving heavy metal scene, where bands infuse elements of Norse paganism and costuming into their acts. The modern indie zeitgeists Bjork and Of Monsters and Men both come from Iceland.

Hopefully, this short list has piqued your interest in the diversity of Nordic culture! Whether you stargaze in an Icelandic hot spring, enjoy a hygge evening in Denmark, or unwind in a Finnish sauna, may your Nordic travels be merry.

Visit Scandinavia and Nordic Countries with Nordic Cruises!