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Visit Fjords, Bergen, the South West of Norway

15 Jul

Visit Fjords, Bergen

Nestled in the South West of Norway, Bergen is a perfect place to come if you want to visit fjords and get a flavor of this unique Scandinavian nation.

You can visit fjords that have made this scenic country famous. Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords of Norway.

Sognefjord, to the North, is the largest and deepest in the country. Hardangerfjord extends to the South, and together they were named as the world’s most unspoiled tourist attractions by National Geographic.

The Easy Way Up The Mountain

Sognefjord is overlooked by the majestic Fløyen Mountain. So, you can head out on to the water, or take the legendary Fløibanen funicular train that somehow climbs 320 meters up the mountain.

At the top, you will find some of the world’s finest hiking trails. Of course, you can just drink in the magnificent views, together with a local Norwegian beer and some of the fish dishes that Norway is famous for.

Head to Bryggen, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and you can see the traditional wooden houses on the old wharf that was once the epicenter of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire. Also known as the German Dock, this is one of just eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Norway.

The oldest pier construction dates back to 1100, but most of the houses were destroyed and rebuilt after a fire in 1702. The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene can take you on a historical tour through this town’s great history. You can visit fjords that helped build this great nation and then take in the history of one of its most important trading posts.

Picture Perfect in Bergen

In nearby Bergen, you can visit the octagonal Lille Lungegårdsvannet, a lake in the center of the town. On its shores, you can find the KODE art museum, which houses works by great Norwegian painters that include Edvard Munch, who painted The Scream among other iconic works, and Johan Christian Dahl.

Like Bryggen, Bergen comes with a rich history, and you can visit Old Bergen, which is a reconstruction of the town with traditional wooden houses, a fish market and more. If you’re a history fan, you should really check out the Fantoft Stavkirke. It’s another reconstruction and this time it’s a tribute to the original 12th Century wooden church.

Bergen is the perfect place to visit fjords, soak up the history and to enjoy the unique charm of this unspoilt, rugged Scandinavian nation. It’s a vacation that you will never forget.

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King Crab Safari in Kirkenes

05 Dec

King crab safari, Kirkenes

The Coolest Winter Destination in Kirkenes -King Crab Safari

Kirkenes, Norway is a small town that’s big in winter activities. Located approximately 15 km from the Russian border, Kirkenes is set in the center of the magical Northern Lights zone. It’s very far north in fact – it’s 400 km’s north of the Arctic Circle. Of course, it gets pretty cold in the Arctic Circle – the average temperature for January is 13.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer can reach up to 60.8. The city’s origins lie in mining, and an underground maze of tunnels still runs beneath the streets.

King Crab safariOne of the most popular winter attractions in Kirkenes is to join a King Crab Safari. During this one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll bundle up in warm winter gear and zoom on a snowmobile to local fishing holes. There, you’ll help raise enormous king crabs to the surface so they can be cooked into a fresh and delectable meal for all travelers on the King Crab Safari. Although the exterior shell of these massive crabs doesn’t look very appetizing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sweet and delicate meat inside.

As well as the harbor and excellent fishing, Kirkenes also has other tourist attractions, like the Grenselandmuseet – a fascinating museum about the history of the area and the border with Russia. There is a Thursday market in which the whole town displays their produce. Also, a well-hidden attraction is the Andersgrotta bunker which is a World War II bunker under the town.

Another famous destination in Kirkenes is the sparkling Snow Hotel, where all the rooms are carved from ice. You’ll have the unique opportunity to drink cocktails from the ice bar before heading to sleep on an ice bed surrounded by decorative frozen sculptures. For thrilling action in Kirkenes, go dog-sledding with the Huskies. Altogether, Kirkenes is the coolest place for every traveler looking for something totally unique to do!

Fishing King Crabs

Fishing King Crabs in Norway

11 Sep

Norway is Scandinavia in Extreme

Scandinavia is an amazing location for a vacation. It’s incredibly beautiful, the people are amongst the most hospitable in the world, and the food is amazing. Norway is Scandinavia in extreme: it is mountains and fjords, beautiful ocean and beaches and long summer days where the sun never sets. If you’re thinking about a vacation in Norway, and fancy something a little off the beaten track, why not try fishing king crabs in Kirkenes?

Fishing King Crabs

Where Is Kirkenes?

Kirkenes is a beautiful, colourful harbor town in the municipality of Sor-Varanger in the far north east of Norway, 400 km north of the Arctic Circle.

The advantage of being so far north is that in the winter you stand a great chance of seeing Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) and in summer, you will see midnight sun as the sun never dips below the horizon.

Fishing King Crab

King Crabs (or Red Crab as they are sometimes known) are the largest crab in the world. They can reach up to 1.5 meters in width. They were introduced to Russian waters by scientists in the 1960s, and are now scuttling into Norwegian waters in the hundreds of thousands. The ecological ramifications of these crustacean invaders are still being hotly discussed but it’s widely agreed that the fishing of these crabs can only help the marine ecology of the area.

Fishing king crabs is very easy and lots of fun. You can book the King Crab Safari. Our professional guide will lead you on snowmobile on the frozen Barents sea to catch the giant crabs. There will be plenty of opportunities to pick one up for a photo.

The Taste

Once back on shore, it’s time to taste the bounty of your catch. King crab is absolutely delicious. In the town, restaurants will cook the legs whole in their shell to serve long crab sausages, which taste somewhere between a prawn and a lobster.

Sometimes, your crew will boil some crab up at the harbor in sea water and serve with bread, mayonnaise and a little white wine. Nothing else is needed – perfection!

Norwegian Holidays with the Famous Fjords

24 Jun
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Travelers in Norway

The Famous Fjords of Norway

Norwegian holidays are something that everyone should experience at least once in his or her lifetime. Norway is gorgeous and has so much to offer those who visit. When planning your Norway visit, you will want to include the famous fjords.

The Hardangerfjord Region

This region is one that will delight everyone and anyone. Known as one of the most beautiful areas in Norway, the Hardangerfjord region has two national parks, waterfalls, glaciers, fjords, and two tourist routes.

You can experience the unsurpassed beauty of this area in many ways. For those who enjoy sightseeing by walking or hiking, there are easy, difficult, short or long trails that will take you through the stunning natural landscape. From guided rock climbing tours to simple glacier walks, there’s something for people of all ages and fitness levels. You’ll find kayaking and cycling should you desire.

For those who prefer to take a guided tour in a vehicle, they are there for you too.

In addition to the natural beauty of this region, visitors can learn about local tradition culture at the visitor centers and museums.

The Famous Fjords of Norway

View on the Barents Sea

The Nordfjord Region

The Famous Norwegian Fjords

The North Cap

The Nordfjord region offers just about every kind of imaginable scenery. This must see area boasts steep mountains that plunge to the fjord and coastline creating spectacular waterfalls. You will also see rolling farmland, sandy beaches or rocky shoreline areas, fabulous glaciers and Hornindalsvatnet, Europe’s deepest lake.

For those who enjoy skiing, there is year-round skiing at Stryn Summer Ski Centre. Other activities include hiking, fishing, surfing, biking, glacier walking, and kayaking.

You will become immersed in the regions cultural heritage that includes folk music, art, foods and traditional costumes.

The Geirangerfjord Region

Your visit to Norway will likely include the Geirangerfjord Region. This fjord is home to some of the steepest mountainsides on the west coast of Norway.

The waterfalls that plunge into the fjord are amongst the most magnificent falls in the world.

There are a number of ways to see this region including bus tours, hiking tours, and boat tours.

The Sognefjord Region

Norwegian holidays must include the Sognefjord. This is Norway’s longest, deepest and best known fjord.

There are so many things to do and see and never enough time. Don’t miss out on a train excursion. You can take a day trip or extend your train journey over a few days. Other ways to experience the sights include guided walking tours, boat tours, white water rafting, cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking.

The area is dotted with small quaint villages where 30,000 people make their homes.

Norwegian Fjord


The Naeroyfjord Region

Picturesque villages, steep mountain slopes and impressive waterfalls are some of the highlights of the Naeroyfjord area. The narrow fjord is one of Norway’s most beautiful natural sights and makes for an enjoyable day trip.

A cruise of the Naeroyfjord is the best way to see the sights during your Norwegian holidays.

As you can see, your Norway visit wouldn’t be complete without including the famous fjords.

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Breathtaking Fjords of Norway

The Fjords of Norway

The Fjords of Norway

Visit the Fram Polar Ship Museum in Oslo

16 Jun

The Fram Polar Ship Museum in the Nordic Country

Travel to Oslo for Bygdøy’s highest rated museum. Bygdøy is situated close to Oslo and is popularly known as the ‘museum peninsula’. Come and see the ships Fram, Gjøa, and visit exhibitions about polar history. Here you can find out about voyages and expeditions from the Nordic country. With great activities for kids to get involved in too, the Fram Polar Ship Museum is an ideal place to spend a day on your Oslo visit.

The Fram Polar Ship

The centrepiece of the Museum, this is the world’s strongest wooden ship. The ship had to be strong to withstand pressures of crushing Arctic ice. She was the first ship built in Norway especially for a polar research expedition. This was something that had never been achieved before. It remains the vessel which has sailed the furthest North and furthest South.

The First Fram expedition took its crew close to the North Pole. The Second Fram voyage traversed unchartered territory in Greenland. Here, the land was mapped and scientific results recorded on a huge scale. Biological samples were collected and data recorded about the climate and the earth’s magnetism. The Third Fram expedition carried the world’s first explorers to the South Pole.

Go on board to see where the crew survived in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. There is an exhibition on board packed with information detailing the ships’ various expeditions. You can even experience a polar simulator. This gives a sense of what it might have been like to face the cold and dangers of a polar expedition over 100 years ago.

Other main attractions

The ship Gjøa is housed in an extension to the Fram museum which was opened in 2013 and is another must-see when you visit Oslo. It was the first ship to successfully navigate the entire Northwest Passage. This is a perilous stretch of Ocean north of Canada, where the Pacific meets the Atlantic.

There are various other exhibitions in the Fram Polar Ship museum. These give stories of individual explorers, expeditions and sailing vessels. Discover the scientific and humanitarian reasons behind research expeditions from the Nordic country. There is also information on current issues surrounding the Arctic, such as melting ice and oil extraction.

Visit the Framheim Café for some welcome refreshment on your way round the museum. Try Norwegian waffles and imagine you are on board ship. The café cabins have ‘windows’ showing an LCD view of Northern Lights or actual recorded expedition footage.