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Lapland Tours in Ranua Wildlife Park

23 Oct
Lapland tours

Lapland Tours: The Beauty of Ranua Wildlife Park There is nothing more spectacular than the beauty of the Arctic and northern animals found at the Ranua Wildlife Park. The park is located in the subarctic region in the Lapland region of Finland where each distinct season brings new sights and experiences. Booking Lapland tours for […]

Natural Phenomenon During Your Northern Lights Trip

07 Oct
Northern Lights Holiday

The Gorgeous Natural Phenomenon of the Northern Lights The Northern Lights are a breathtaking natural phenomenon that will make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When people think of going on holiday, they typically don’t think of going on a Northern Lights trip. However, if you’re planning your next getaway, consider Lapland. This is a premier spot […]

The Unique Sami People of Finnish Lapland

09 May
Reindeer Farm in Finnish Lapland

One of the most fascinating aspects of embarking on Lapland tours is the opportunity to experience the unique Sami culture of Finnish Lapland’s indigenous people. Who are the Sami? The Sami are Lappish people who are indigenous to the far north of Europe, including the Arctic regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the Kola Peninsula […]