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MS Silja Symphony and MS Silja Serenade

13 Feb

MS Serenade with Baltic-Cruise

MS Silja Symphony and MS Silja Serenade

Cabin Types of SM Symphony and MS Serenade:

  • Executive Suite, on deck 11
  • Junior Suite, on deck 9
  • Commodore, on decks 10 and 11
  • De Luxe, on deck 11
  • Family, on decks 8 to 11

MS Symphony and MS Serenade Commodore Cabin

  • A-Class, on decks 5 and 8 to 11
  • Promenade, on decks 8 to 11
  • B-Class, on decks 5, 9 to 11
  • C-Class, on deck 2
  • Special Cuites

MS Symphony, Cabin

MS Serenade, Restaurant



  • Happy Lobster, 7 deck – serves the fresh fish of Baltic Sea.
  • Grande Buffet , 6 deck – the buffet tables for 600 travelers.
  • El Capitan, 7 deck -seafood of Mediterranean Sea.
  • Bon Vivant, Wine Bar and Shop, 7 deck – has a special Nordic Menu.
  • Mundo, 7 deck – serves light sandwiches, pizza or salads.

Bars and Clubs:

  •  New York Club & Lounge, 13 deck
  •  Old Port Pub, 7 deck  – with a live music in the evenings
  • Atlantis Palace, 7 & 8 decks – the night club for 750 guests
  • Casino and Just Bar, 7 deck – play and drink 

  • Shopping:

  • Tax Free Superstore
  • Fashion
  • Step & Shine
  • Luxury
  • Kids & Toys

  • Technical Details:

  • 995 cabins
  • 2852 passengers
  • 21 knots speed
  • 203 m lengths
  • MS Silja Serenade

    Baltic Cruises

    Baltic Cruises 2022


    Drawbridge Opening Schedule, St. Petersburg 2019

    29 Dec
    The Palace Bridge, St. Petersburg
    The Palace Bridge, St. Petersburg

    Drawbridge Openings Schedule, St. Petersburg

    During navigation period from April till the middle November thirteen bridges that cross the Neva river are opened for a few hours to let large ships pass. Please follow the schedule below to get successfully to your hotel.
    Palace Bridge1:10 am-2:50 am
    3:10 am-4:55 am
    Trinity Bridge1:20 am-4:50 am
    Blagoveshchensky Bridge1:25 am-2:45 am
    3:10 am-5:00 am
    Grenadersky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
    Kantemirovsky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
    Smpsonievsky Bridge1:30 am-4:30 am
    Liteiny Bridge1:40 am-4:45 am
    Tuchkov Bridge 2:00 am-2:55 am
    3:35 am-4:55 am
    Volodarsky Bridge 2:00 am-3:45 am
    4:15 am-5:45 am
    Exchange Bridge2:00 am-4:45 am
    Bolsheokhotinsky Bridge 2:00 am-5:00 am
    Alexander Nevsky Bridge2:20 am-5:10 am
    Finlyandsky Bridge2:20 am-5:30 am

    How to Prepare for a Short Baltic Cruises from Helsinki

    01 Aug

    Baltic Tours with Nordic Cruises

    How to Prepare for a Fun-Packed Short Baltic Cruises

    Short Baltic cruises are the ideal way to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. What better way to indulge in such much-needed pampering than aboard a luxury liner? Baltic cruises offer some of the best opportunities to see some of the most amazing sights in popular destinations and along the way. Short Baltic cruises from Helsinki to St Petersburg, Stockholm,Tallinn, or Stockholm are hard to beat. But the details you know before your first cruise could mean the difference between a good time and a great one!

    What to Pack for the Short Baltic Cruises

    • Clothes for Hot and Cold Weather – You never know what the temperature is going to be or the sudden changes that damp weather might bring. Pack for warm and cool weather but include a good waterproof windbreaker.
    • Bring Your Best Walking Shoes – No matter which stops you make, you will have to do some walking. If you feel the need to invest in a new pair before the cruise, make sure you break them in before you go.
    • Formal and Modest Clothing – You may be required to dress for dinner or want to make a visit to a restaurant that requires formal dress. Some tours include visits to must-see churches where long sleeves and pants are required.
    • Convert Your Money – Find out which of your stops are in countries that haven’t made the conversion to Euros. You will probably want to convert some of your money into a variety of currencies.
    • Pack Your Swimsuit – If you plan to go swimming on the cruise liner or at the beach, this is one essential you don’t want to leave behind.
    • Sunglasses – They don’t have to be your designer glasses but they should be effective at blocking out UV rays. Polarized sunglasses are a good choice. They reduce the glare off the water.
    • Hat or Cap
    • Binoculars
    • Camera with Extra Batteries

    Favorite Attractions on Baltic Cruises

    A lot of the attractions that you will see will be in St. Petersburg. This incredible city is rich in history and culture, boasting a lot of museums and elaborate churches. One to see is the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. You can also visit the State Hermitage Museum to learn about the area’s art and culture.

    For families, there are zoos and aquariums, such as Ekzoopark and the St. Petersburg Dolphinarium. Adults can engage in the food, wine, & nightlife in the many pubs, bars, and clubs including the Jimi Hendrix Blues Club.

    Contact Nordic Cruises today to book your place on Baltic cruises from Helsinki. Reserve your place aboard the MS Anastasia or MS Serenada and come prepared for a cruise you will never forget.

    Baltic Sea Cruise on M/S Princess Anastasia

    13 Jan

    M/S Princess Anastasia

    M/S Princess Anastasia

    The M/S Princess Anastasia is a modern, luxury cruise liner. The deluxe ferry has an impressive total of 2,500 seats, 834 cabins (cabins are rooms on a cruise ship) and an expansive car deck that fits 580 cars.

    Cabin A Class

    MS Princess Anastasia, Cabin A Class

    Cabin A Class, on decks four, five and six, provides roomy accommodations for two to four people in a pleasant cabin with a window. As the ship glides towards its destination, occupants enjoy a fabulous view of the surrounding waves and stunning scenery. Rooms have designed with convenient storage closets, state-of-the-art bathrooms and air conditioning. With restful furnishings and gentle sunlight shining in, the atmosphere is ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating.

    Commodore Cabins

    Commodore Cabins, on decks five and six have fantastic view of the Baltic Sea.

    MS Princess Anastasia, Cabin

    Cabin B Class

    Baltic Cruises

    Cabin B Class, on decks four, five and six, offers comfortable rooms without windows, which can sleep one to four people. A stylish and economical way to journey on the M/S Princess Anastasia, these accommodations are fully equipped with all amenities.
    A modern bathroom, spacious wardrobe and air conditioning are all featured. Each furnished room presents the perfect environment for resting enjoyably during the wonderful Baltic cruise.


    Suites, on decks six offer a decorated living room and  the bedroom with double bed.

    Nordic Cruises

    Restaurants and Bars

    The M/S Princess Anastasia offers ten restaurants and bars for every taste to make your cruise an unforgettable.

    • Alchemy Bar, 7 deck – classic bar
    • Bake and Coffee, 4 deck – variety of soups, salads …, drinks and sweets
    • Columbus Bar, 7 deck – bar and the dance floor
    • Funny Rabbit, 7 deck – English pub
    • Kampai Bar, 7 deck – Japanese cuisine
    • Mascalzone Latin, 7 deck – the famous restaurant with breakfast and dinner buffet style
    • Napoli Mia, 7 deck – Italian cuisine
    • New Your City, 7 deck – the international cuisine
    • Sky Bar – the bar under sky
    • Sport Bar LEGEND, 7 deck
    MS Princes Anastasia

    New Your City Restaurant

    Baltic Cruises

    Sport Bar LEGEND

    Paf Casino

    Paf Casino is a real legal casino operated under the laws of a license for gambling.

    Nordic Cruises

    Paf Casino

    Duty Free Shops, Deck 6

    Time: 18:30-01:00 and 07:00-8:30

    Duty Free Shops offer the wide range of the best products from famous world brands.

    You can bay accessories and clothing, toys for your kinds, performs and cosmetics, alcoholic beverages and tobacco at competitive prices.

    Please provide your boarding card at the checkout.

    MS Princess Anastasia, Duty Free

    Duty Free

    MS Princess Anastasia, Duty Free

    Duty Free

    Technical Details

    Name: Princess Anastasia

    Area: Baltic Sea – Finland Gulf

    Year built: 1986

    Flag: Italy

    Home Port: Naples

    Baltic Sea cruise on the M/S Princess Anastasia is a fantastic way to take a day trip to visit Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Ample time is provided to take a guided tour and wander through the cobblestone alleyways of the quaint Old Town, as well as visit many awesome medieval cathedrals.
    Travel on another Baltic Sea cruise to visit Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, also known as “Venice of the North” due to its scenic island location. This cultural city is filled with an array of interesting World Heritage sites and can be toured on foot or via the exceptional underground railway system.

    The M/S Princess Anastasia also offers a Baltic Sea cruise from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, which is a convenient way to tour Russia visa free. The trip includes time to discover all of the wonders of cosmopolitan Helsinki, Finland, famed as an international hub. St. Petersburg has a plenty of historic monuments and world-class museums to explore, such as the ancient Peter and Paul Fortress,  the State Hermitage Museum and Peterhof.  The Tsar’s Palaces also delight visitors from around the globe, in addition to many spectacular cathedrals.
    All of these destinations provide reach style, comfort and convenience on the luxury ferry.
    All of these Baltic See cruises are run with ultimate comfort in mind, providing enjoyment and relaxation for the occupants.

    MS Princess Anastasia

    M/S Princess Anastasia

    “We always call a ship a “she” and not without a reason.

    For she displays a well-shaped knee regardless of the season.

    She scorns the man whose heart is faint and doesn’t show him pity.

    And like a girl she deeds the paint to keep her looking pretty.


    Be firm with her and she’ll behave when skies are dark above you.

    And let her take a water wave – praise her, and she’ll love you.

    That’s why a ship must have a mate; she needs a good provider.

    A good strong arm to keep her straight, to comfort her and guide her.


    Yes ships are ladylike indeed, for take them altogether

    the ones that show a lot of speed can’t stand the roughest weather.”

    (Author unknown)

    Getting Around on M/S Princess Anastasia

    Deck 9

    • Sky Bar

    Deck 8

    • Bar Champagne
    • Cinema
    • XXXX Bar
    • Conference Center
    • Medical Center

    Deck 7

    • Columbus Night Club
    • Satellite Bar
    • Casino Paf
    • Sushi Bar
    • Rabbit Bar
    • and more

    Deck 6

    • Info Desk
    • Bake & Coffee
    • Duty Free / Tax Free
    • Beaty Salon
    • Kid’s Room
    • Game Zone
    • Cabins: class A, class B, Commodor, Deluxe

    Desk 5 

    • Cabins: class A, class B

    Desk 4

    • Cabins: class A, class B, class HC

    Desk 3

    • Cargo Bay

    Deck 1

    • SPA
    • Swimming pool
    • Cabins: class E