Visit Fjords, Bergen, the South West of Norway

15 Jul
Visit Fjords of Norway

Visit Fjords, Bergen Nestled in the South West of Norway, Bergen is a perfect place to come if you want to visit fjords and get a flavor of this unique Scandinavian nation. You can visit fjords that have made this scenic country famous. Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords of Norway. Sognefjord, […]

Places to See During Your Visa Free St Petersburg Cruise

21 May
Church of the Savior on Blood, medieval Russian architecture

Places to visit in St. Petersburg Combination of solemn architectural forms, regularly planned avenues and squares, picturesque park and gardens, fantastic sculptural composition, rivers and canals framed by granite embarkments and patterned railling of bridges create unique poetical image of St. Petersburg.  

Visit Scandinavia and Nordic Countries

06 May
Visit Sweden

Visit Scandinavia and Nordic Countries with Us If you dream to visit Scandinavia or Nordic Countries, chances are you’ll come up with some of the following images: Northern Lights, Santa Claus, Vikings, cold Baltic and Barents seas, fjords, and King Crabs. However, there is so much more to these northern countries than these stereotypes! Read […]